Friday, January 21, 2011

Children in Need Special 2005

For a start, I couldn't be bothered writing 'Postclassical Who' at the beginning of these things anymore. You've got the point.
So we get the first instances of the Tenth Doctor, who explains a bit about regeneration, then flips out and has a series of Twin Dilemma moments. Frankly I find a lot of this to be a bit pointless. Why couldn't they have gone to Barcelona for Christmas? Rose is suitably surprised by the regeneration, however, and her reasonable doubt is done well - she tries to explain with the knowledge she already has. Seems a bit pointless since Eccly just told her that he was going to change, but there you go. David Tennant does a good job with his first few lines as the Doctor in portraying the notion that he's the same man with a different body. Might have helped if he'd just continued the conversation instead of saying 'Hello' to Rose when he regenerated as if he was someone new. Anyway, there's not a great deal more to say about this seven minutes of show, apart from perhaps the fact that it seems odd that they didn't incorporate the new Doctor's first post-regenerative moments into an actual episode. Anyway, new Doctor, new series, things are looking good, right?

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